4 Mobile trends that will drive engagement in 2021

Acoustic recently hosted a Mobile Trends 2021 webinar sharing considerations for marketers regarding how to maximize impact from first and third-party mobile apps.  

We highlighted major examples of mobile engagement across retail, banking, insurance, and healthcare throughout the discussion. The innovations we showcased come from many regions of the worlds—from the U.S. and the U.K. to the UAE, India, and Australia.  

View the on-demand webinar.  

These four trends should be considered when planning marketing campaigns (check out the webinar time stamps below): 

  1. Greater utilization of QR codes (1:42) 
  1. More ways to pay, more ways to bank (7:28) 
  1. Video for customer verification (9:27) 
  1. Health + travel and entertainment (12:08) 

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