The Acoustic Marketing Platform: Innovation and Value

The challenges facing marketers today continue to grow and get more complex. From dealing with dozens – even hundreds – of tools in the stack to navigating complex privacy regulations; being able to scale to meet growing customer demand; and finding ways to demonstrate that marketing is efficiently and effectively contributing to revenue and profit.

At Acoustic, we recognize those challenges, along with so many others, and are building our platform to meet them head on. To make marketers more productive requires an integrated approach with an open architecture, user-centric design built around real workflows, high performance and scalability, and embedded AI capabilities that deliver measurable results. This is our vision for 2020 and beyond: The Acoustic Marketing Platform.

Bringing the platform to life

Marketers need both efficiency and effectiveness in their tools and are challenged by products that make routine tasks difficult. The Acoustic Marketing Platform is built for speed and optimized for working across different products regularly: filtering and analyzing dashboards, building audiences, and viewing impact analyses more rapidly and responsively than ever.

Every MarTech stack contains products from multiple vendors, so we are optimizing for easy and seamless integration. This means more value delivered to increasingly demanding customers.

The improvements we are making to our products and our back-end architecture will offer incredible scalability and flexibility to accommodate peak needs and intricate data residency requirements.

Our elastic, cloud-native architecture brings speed, ease and improved reliability to every task, and will include single sign-on (SSO) with new IDs and standardized URLs.

Acoustic will continue to deliver product- and services-specific innovations like distributed marketing, AI-powered anomaly detection in automation programs, and business impact analysis for identifying user experience improvement ROI. We are also launching a new Premium Support service for eligible customers.

The coming wave

Over the coming months, we will be introducing waves of changes to The Acoustic Marketing Platform. Today, no action is needed by our customers to benefit from underlying technology enhancements.

We will send all customers product-specific communications and instructions when a platform improvement requires action. Look for emails from Acoustic with additional information.

If you have questions, please find additional resources here, visit our help center, or reach out to the Acoustic team.

Our journey to more powerful marketing solutions continues, and we are excited about bringing all our customers and partners along with us.