Acoustic moves to AWS

Recently I shared the story of Acoustic’s heritage. It’s a rich one, built upon the powerful foundation of some of the early movers and original innovators in MarTech. Today, I’m excited to share the next step in our commitment to both excellence in marketing technology and putting the needs of our customers first.

Acoustic has moved to AWS.

The modernization of our platform was a priority from the earliest days of Acoustic’s journey as a standalone company, and we are proud to report that our customers will now benefit from the speed and innovation that the AWS public cloud provides.

While this shift is a “back-end” development and thus invisible when logging into our platform, our customers will immediately experience efficiencies. For example, with AWS, Acoustic Campaign system uptime metrics further improve; customers can feel confident they will reliably execute their email marketing campaigns. Additionally, our Acoustic Content customers can engage in faster content creation, management, collaboration, and delivery.

Our move to AWS is another significant step in the evolution of our business and represents more positive momentum related to our product offerings.