Back to Brilliant Basics

We’ve heard it hundreds of times by now: these are unprecedented times. We’ve all been working to rapidly process and pivot our messaging in some of the most challenging times we’ve ever experienced.

But while our business models and operations may be getting disrupted and more complicated, the foundations of great marketing haven’t changed. In fact, there’s possibly never been a better time to revisit the core of what we do: connecting with other people. We know constantly changing our course to get in front of a new reality that’s evolving every day can get overwhelming. At Acoustic, we want to help you cut through all of the complicated noise to be able to focus back on the core things you need to execute brilliant marketing. We’ll also want to get ahead by adding new rules for the current times and when it also might make sense to pivot from marketing norms.

Each week, we’ll provide blog posts, guides, and webinars that will help you brush up on the basics (or even learn new skills) around:

  • Email marketing: We’ll take you from building your database to creating subject lines that drive conversions to using customer behaviors to drive automated message programs.
  • Analytics: There’s no other way to truly understand customer journey patterns through optimizing channels and content, and to improve CX by uncovering struggles and anomalies in customer behavior.
  • Personalization: Building highly relevant messages isn’t just about the content and offers, but also understanding factors such as timing, location, and channels.
  • Data: Whether you need to comply with regulations like GDPR and CCPA or just better target and communicate with customers, data management and integration across channels and technologies has never been more paramount.
  • Content management: We’ll help you plan your omnichannel content strategy to account for rapidly changing environments and the addition of new channels.
  • Mobile marketing: Leverage mobile push and SMS as some of the most effective parts of a multichannel communications approach.
  • Building your tech stack: Understand key considerations for building out a martech stack that’s integrated across marketing technologies and data sources, and aligned with other departments.

These basics are the foundation of the amazing experiences that, no matter what else is happening, we’re all trying to give our customers. Now, we’ll just be using them in a new, more modern context.

Our first week is going to walk you through some key elements of email marketing. Check out Email marketing subject lines: 10 tips for better engagement and let us know what else you’d like to hear about. As always, Acoustic is listening and here to help you solve your challenges.