Mobile marketing in a stay-at-home world

Yesterday we hosted a webinar featuring Stephanie Liu, analyst at Forrester, and our customer David Handling of STV Group to explore the power of mobile marketing in our current circumstances: we’re all staying home more consistently than we did pre-pandemic.

Throughout the conversation, the panel discussed:

  • The ubiquity of smartphones. According to Forrester data, phones outnumber people in certain geographies.
  • Customers’ expectations continue to grow, as do their interpretations of what counts as a good experience.
  • Brands need more detailed information than ever before about who their customers are, and how they can help them.
  • Cross-channel marketing as a strategy is antiquated; contextual marketing with targeted messaging based upon a specific action that a consumer takes is the future.

Mobile, of course, is critical to modern marketing given current consumer behavior. That’s true even if we’re not on-the-go or spending significant, consistent time outside of our homes.

So what do you need to consider when ramping mobile?

  • Focus on data—and understanding significant, important moments-in-time or actions for your customers.
  • Don’t be repetitive. For example, don’t send a push notification and then immediately share the same information in an email.
  • Consider the urgency of your message. If the narrative is evergreen, consider email as a less interruptive measure.

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