Personalization must be real-time

It seems so simple: personalize the message, and the offer, to improve the overall customer experience. Accomplishing this in real-time, however, is no easy feat. Pre-determined personalization isn’t actually all that personal, as it’s based on data and demographics in aggregate, rather than individualized, contextual data.  

Instead, marketers must evaluate a combination of identity and behavior information to make informed, instantaneous choices that will help them to build affinity for their brand among consumers. 

We’ve also learned that while the message matters a lot in the personalization process, the message’s packaging and delivery matters too. Marketers must differentiate their personalization efforts by: 

  • Offering the most relevant and valuable message, consistently 
  • Using the most engaging means possible to deliver that message 
  • Reinforcing offers and messages in multiple brand channels (email, web, SMS, etc.) 
  • Learning from previous interactions to intelligently adjust personalization initiatives  

Ultimately, by pursuing real-time personalization, marketers will reap the following rewards: 

  • Increased response rates in inbound channels 
  • Consistent, relevant dialogue with customers 
  • Better overall marketing results, including increased sales and revenue, improved online conversion rates, and strengthened customer loyalty and retention 

Want to learn more? View the webinar we recently hosted with Pereion Solutions: Creating excellent customer experiences with data-driven personalization.