Shaping a successful marketing playbook after The Reset

“Perhaps the future will be even worse than the present – endless pandemics, climate catastrophe, and aliens invading – or the future might be wonderfully better, with healthy growth and a turn towards greater global unity and environmental care.” 

In this third installment in The Reset content series (and the second ebook), Acoustic CMO Norman Guadagno offers specific advice on how to navigate a constantly shifting marketing landscape that is forever transformed in the wake of COVID-19.  

Norman believes that:  

Marketers should not only think about how they react to, but also how they shape the world. Grounded optimism tends to breed more optimism, and positive messages tend to yield more positive messages. Use The Reset as an opportunity to contribute to the direction of the future, not simply react to the present. 

Read The Reset: Volume II now for guidance on the plays marketers must account for in their playbooks: 

  • Play 1: Find a deeper level of meaning in your brand 
  • Play 2: Remake customer experience 
  • Play 3: Demand generation shuffle 
  • Play 4: Events are dead – long live events 
  • Play 5: Communications, transparency, and trust 
  • Play 6: The futureproof playbook 

You can read The Reset: Volume 1 ebook here and watch Episode 1 of The Reset video series here.