The Reset: building dream teams

We’re back with the first 2021 installment of The Reset, our interview series with marketing leaders navigating uncharted territory in a post-COVID world. 

In episode 5, our CMO Norman Guadagno speaks with Drew Fortin, SVP of Sales & Marketing at the talent optimization platform the Predictive Index

The Predictive Index helps HR and business leaders understand what drives behavior at work—and empowers them to utilize that knowledge to understand how to create winning “dream teams,” comprised of the diverse professional skill sets and varied perspectives required to be successful and win. 

The Predictive Index’s technology became even more important as companies were forced into remote environments, quickly, due to the pandemic. As a result, managers confronted never-before-tackled workplace and leadership challenges. 

Watch the full video below to hear Norman and Drew discuss: 

  • How COVID-19 shifted CEO priorities to helping teams to work better together—transitioning from a “best talent” to a “best teams” mindset. 
  • Trust and resilience are key to workplace satisfaction. Building genuine relationships built on trust is still possible, even through screens. 
  • Why people want to work for a company that shows value and demonstrates empathy
  • Values must evolve as a company gets bigger. 
  • Intuition doesn’t scale without technology to help. 

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