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Banco Supervielle was looking both for greater efficiencies in its handling of content, as well as the ability to better customize messaging, to win over new customers and better serve existing customers. And with the arrival of COVID-19, another important benefit was the speedy creation of communications to keep customers fully informed and up to the minute.

Challenge: Offering and managing customized content

Banco Supervielle wanted a more powerful and innovative content management system (CMS). There were two primary reasons. First was the never-ending search for cost-saving efficiencies in content creation — and an easier and automated CMS could speed the work and cut the required resources. Second was the desire to improve the customer experience and enrollment by enabling smoother transactions, and serving up more engaging, customized content.

Holding them back was the bank’s antiquated CMS, which required separate content for all channels, and lacked an easy-to-use user interface (UI) for their non-technical editors. This made the workflow unnecessarily difficult for the editors and slowed the routine work if it needed to go through the developers. Speedy and granular access to all content was also key, as was uptime for the SaaS tool used to create components such as front-end frameworks. Banco Supervielle was looking for a digital transformation.

A third major challenge became clear only later: the need for speedy content updates. That became apparent months later with arrival of COVID-19. More on this later.

“Content helps us fulfill our ambitious and agile roadmap — and implement our plans for digital marketing.”

Tomas Bianco, Product Manager, Banco Supervielle

Solution: A powerful and easy-to-use CMS

To achieve its goals, Banco Supervielle decided to enhance its customer engagement program using Acoustic Content and Shutterstock. Because Content is a cloud-based, hybrid CMS, it provides the expected level of security. And with an elegant application programming interface (API), it helps marketers and editors build engaging digital experiences quickly and easily across all channels, including new video tutorials to offer financial education online. According to Tomas Bianco, Product Manager of Banco Supervielle, “We were able to implement changes quickly based on bank regulations, reduce overload, and meet aggressive timelines. With Acoustic Content, since the quarantine started, our communications have always been on time.”

Content also brought new capabilities, such as the ability to quickly add new designs and front-end developments — and then enable extensive user testing of new programs before their launch.

Better customer communications, with more engaging, customized content is another important outcome. Tomas Bianco says, “Content helped us with its flexibility to incorporate services such as online appointments as well as changing content and creating new landing pages immediately in order to have an excellent time to market for communications.”  Karina Abalsamo, Digital Adoption and Transformation Manager adds, “Content gives us both the ability to deliver more and better content — accessible from anywhere, since it’s in the cloud.”

Another significant efficiency was gained with Content’s “headless” CMS design. The same content and assets can be automatically used in website pages, online banking and mobile apps, email templates, and investment research reports. The CMS is headless because the content is managed centrally, rather than being connected to a particular location on the “head” (the “front end” or website).  No need for duplicate coding or duplicate storage of content files. And the bank gained a central repository — a “single source of truth” — for all its content, so that any front-end developer working on any channel could make updates quickly and publish them immediately.

The integration of Shutterstock within Content delivers tremendous efficiency in image selection. Working in the same window, the creative team can directly license assets from the Shutterstock library of 200 million+ professional images, music, and video. The world is at their fingertips.

Increased efficiency and power did not come at the cost of greater difficulty. Banco Supervielle is putting Content into the hands of many, both internal and external. Besides the Editors creating communications, Content is used by the Legal and Research teams, internal and external Communications, Human Resources, as well as Account Managers and in-branch staff to onboard customers in the branches — and Content is also used on the external website to onboard new customers directly.

Online onboarding, scheduling, and transactional services all aid the outreach to the younger customers the bank is now attracting. And all of this is enabled by an interface that has a fast learning curve, which is helpful because bank personnel are organized in agile teams. The quick training meant that all teams were soon able to maintain landing pages and create new ones.

The Banco Supervielle team appreciated the opportunity to provide feedback to Acoustic and influencing product features. Karina Abalsamo notes that, “We asked for many features, since we were one of the first banks implementing Acoustic Content. They adjusted to our needs for front and back end processes, and this helped us improve our customer relationships from the public website.”

What did Banco Supervielle most like about Content? Tomas Bianco lists several features: “Content has the UI for creating content-types, Content Builder, the API definition, and the user interface for the editors. It only takes five minutes to create something new.”

“Content has the UI for creating content-types, Content Builder, the API definition, and the user interface for the editors. It only takes five minutes to create something new.”

Tomas Bianco, Product Manager, Banco Supervielle

Results: Highly personalized content that boosts engagement

Two overlapping outcomes are speeding time to market and efficiency. These benefits became crucial for an unexpected reason. With the arrival of COVID-19, multiple changes were needed and needed in a hurry. The Argentine government wanted notices posted quickly, including notification of what types of transactions were allowed in branches. Banks were required to coordinate appointments on their website. Branch hours, availability, and requirements needed to be updated at a moment’s notice. Customers needed to be moved from doing business at physical branches to digital interactions.

All of this was mission-critical, time-sensitive — and was accomplished as needed. Banco Supervielle is now able to change content and create new landing pages immediately. Content has delivered the requested rapid time to market for communications. And in just hours, campaigns can be created, or marketing or legal content updated.

The team was also able to reduce the size of the maintenance team, which saved budget, and redirected vital staff to even more high-value tasks. Analytics on the public website were improved. Customer interactions are longer as visitors interact to a greater degree, and navigation through the landing pages and engagement have risen.

Banco Supervielle is building a digital culture that makes full use of Content. Multiple departments are using the same tools and interface and accessing the same digital asset library. This keeps the company’s content consistent while enabling personalization. It also ensures content remains on-brand while at the same time allowing for the changing needs of the business. Karina Abalsamo, the Digital Adoption and Transformation Manager, sums up how the people of Banco Supervielle feel about Content: “Acoustic provides flexibility, a quick learning process for editors (anyone can learn), excellent support 24×7, system capabilities for new developments, cloud-based usage, and a great user interface!” The final words are from Tomas Bianco: “Content helps us fulfill our ambitious and agile roadmap — and implement our plans for digital marketing.”

About Banco Supervielle

Banco Supervielle is the 7th largest private bank in Argentina by loans and the 10th among public banks. It has a long history in the Argentine financial system with 130 years operating in the country, and a leading competitive position in certain attractive market segments. The Bank offers various financial products and services, including: Accounts Service, Asset Management, Car Loans, Collections, Credit Cards, Digital Wallet, Insurance, Investment Banking, and more services for personal banking and companies.