Increasing annual revenue through growing enrollment


reduction in marketing costs


jump in social media followers


increase in enrollments in less than eight months

The Clara Global School wanted to stand out from other schools, but disparate data systems were holding back their marketing efforts. Working with Acoustic solution partner Comsense Technologies and using Acoustic Campaign (formerly Campaign Automation), they were able to create a successful end-to-end digital marketing management strategy.

Challenge: Differentiating an elite school

Because Clara Global School in Pune, India competes with about 10 other elite educational institutions in the area, it needed to find a way to differentiate itself. But the school’s sales team had been managing its enrollment leads using several disparate systems, including Google AdWords, Facebook and the school’s website, which complicated data consolidation and reporting processes. Plus, because the website was set up in silos, staff was not able to track inquiry information that came in or use this information effectively. 

“The only way for Clara Global School to differentiate is to ensure that its marketing communication is behavior-based and focused on the promotion of education,” says Biju Nambiar, Co-founder, Comsense. “So it’s important for the school to understand the behavior of its potential enrollees, and then target its marketing based on those behaviors.” Clara Global School needed an end-to-end digital marketing solution that would help it manage all its marketing processes, as well as generate better leads and gain clearer insight into the needs, interests and preferences of the parents of prospective students.

Solution: Creating a digital marketing solution

Clara Global School engaged Comsense to create an end-to-end digital marketing solution. “The school wants to be seen as an organization that takes all its communications very seriously, whether it’s addressing prospects, existing customers or really any parent,” says Nambiar.

Comsense first performed a proof of concept (POC) for the school using the Campaign solution. “We said that if you want to design a successful inbound marketing campaign, you need a great technology to support it,” says Nambiar. During the POC, Comsense created an email marketing campaign and ran it for three weeks, using the school’s existing database of current enrollees and prospects. At the end of the three weeks, Comsense demonstrated the insights it had gained during the campaign, including open rates, click-through rates and which calls to action were most effective.

Comsense then integrated the Campaign solution with the Clara Global School website. The Campaign solution provides a single dashboard that shows the school exactly how many people are sending inquiries from the website, as well as how many calls the school receives and how many outbound calls it’s making. “We said that everything needs to be tracked, whether it’s inbound or coming from the website, Facebook or Google AdWords, because every investment needs to be measured. And we were able to do that for them,” says Nambiar.

To tailor the marketing message more effectively to the school’s audience, Comsense designed personas for its prospects after observing potential enrollees in person at the school. “We were actually in the school day in and day out, looking at how people are entering, how they are registering, how the conversation is happening with reception, with a counselor,” says Nambiar.

The Comsense team also worked with the Clara Global School’s content group to design an effective content marketing plan based on the personas. The group focused on creating content that emphasizes the key values of the school, addressing issues in child education and parental involvement in education. One of the most successful pieces of content is a parenting guide that anyone can download from the school’s website. “This is how we differentiated Clara Global School,” says Nambiar. “While other schools are talking about admissions and enrollments, we are talking about how we can add value into your lives.”

Results: Increasing enrollments and revenues

With the Campaign solution, Clara Global School now has access to essential reports and insights that can help it create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns. The Campaign solution provides a consolidated view of the school’s prospects, which has allowed the school to narrow its marketing efforts, to target only the most appropriate prospects and therefore reduce its marketing costs by 25 percent.

Further, after using the Campaign solution for three years, the Clara Global School has increased its annual revenue by $200,000 USD per year, due to growing enrollment. Enrollment for the school increased 283% after just eight months of using the Campaign solution. The school also increased its social media followers by 1,900%, from 200 to 4,000.

“We said that everything needs to be tracked, whether it’s inbound or coming from the website, Facebook or Google AdWords, because every investment needs to be measured. And we were able to do that for them.”

Biju Nambiar, Co-founder, Comsense Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

About Clara Global School

Located in Pune, India, Clara Global School is a primary school that follows the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) syllabus to provide students with a world-class education in a multicultural environment. The school also provides daycare services for children age two and older.

About Comsense Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Acoustic Solution Partner Comsense is a marketing technology company specializing in cognitive customer engagement solutions. The business provides deep knowledge of next-generation marketing services and an approach that enables customers to successfully adopt a marketing automation roadmap. Headquartered in Pune, India, the business has approximately 40 employees.