Customer Experience Analytics

Drive frictionless experiences and lasting loyalty with customer experience analytics.

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Key Capabilities

Customer Success Story

Helping customers get the perfect seats

Business Challenge

When customers make bookings for must-see events, Shubert Ticketing aims to offer a seamless experience online and on mobile. How could it spot and resolve sources of customer “struggle” rapidly?


Shubert Ticketing deployed a customer behavior analytics solution based on Analytics—enabling it to replay real-world customer sessions and pinpoint issues.


• Shubert Ticketing pinpoints sources of customer struggle with real-world session replays. • They accelerate resolution of experience issues, improving service quality. • They avoid losing out on ticket sales by applying a quick fix to a checkout issue.

“Thanks to our customer experience analytics platform, we’re offering customers a fast, straightforward route to find the right tickets at the best price.”

—  Jennifer Tattenbaum  — Senior Director of Interactive, Shubert Ticketing