Key Capabilities

Customer Success Story

Airlines Reporting Corporation soars into new markets

Business Challenge

ARC wanted to drive growth by signing up customers from a wider range of industries. How could it ensure that its marketing efforts, including its use of B2B marketing analytics, were delivering the best results?


ARC uses customer experience analytics to see how prospects hop between its marketing emails, landing pages and website, enabling it to design seamless, compelling journeys online and on mobile.


• Shows ARC how customers hop between channels, helping to identify sticking points. • Enables ARC to design seamless, compelling journeys to drive sign-ups for its services. • Drives growth by enabling ARC to reach out to customers in a broader range of industries.

“We’ve learned that however you imagine people are using your website, it is completely different from the way they’re actually using it.”

—  Michael Tarajos  — Enterprise Technical Solutions Engineer