We stand for marketers.

With all the clicks, impressions, and tech, marketing has lost a little of the humanity that once made it special. But we're bringing a more personal way to reach people, because it's why you got into this business in the first place.

We help you connect meaningfully.

Marketing builds relationships between a brand and its consumers. And that's what we help people do. We take care of the tasks that can slow you down and let you focus on the more important things—emotions, motivations and experiences.

We make it simply powerful.

Powerful technology that's simple to use—that's our big secret. Tech that creates actionable insights and recommendations rather than just reports. Tech that shows you a single comprehensive view and a fuller picture of your customer. Tech that makes it easy to craft complex consumer experiences.

We help you aim higher.

At Acoustic, we're reimagining marketing technology. It's too important not to. When the complexities are hidden and the right tools are in place, you'll free your inner marketer and indulge your wildest strategies.

Meet the team

Dennis Self

Chief Executive Officer


Chris Lanaux

Chief Product Officer


Jeff Lortz

Senior Vice President, Customer Success


Norman Guadagno

Chief Marketing Officer


Jeff Lundal

Chief Customer Officer


Rose Zory

Chief Human Resources Officer


Sharon Zezima

General Counsel and Chief Data Ethics Officer


Bill Naughton

Chief Information Officer


We started Acoustic to unleash brilliance in everyone’s work.

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