Research Finds COVID-Driven Shopper Behavior Increases Retailers’ Need for AI-powered Pricing

72% of retailers believe shopper price sensitivity will remain high, causing 93% to re-assess key value items

NEW YORK, July 29, 2020 –  Retailers across the United States anticipate that shopper behavior, which has radically changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, will remain fundamentally transformed in the long term, increasing the urgency for more automated, science-based pricing, promotion, and markdown optimization—including dynamic pricing. Complete study results, with analysis by RIS News editor-in-chief Tim Denman, are available via a complimentary download.

The DemandTec-sponsored study from RIS News, “Smart Pricing Strategies for the Post-COVID World,” painted a stark picture of how different the retail landscape is now versus even a few months ago. Economic shocks coupled with continuing economic uncertainty have made shoppers more price-sensitive than ever, and 72% of retailers say shopper price sensitivity will increase and remain elevated even after COVID-19. Demand patterns have seen a sea change also as shoppers adjust to being homebound, which in turn impacts which items they are most price-conscious about. As a result, 93% of retailers expect to re-assess these key value items in light of increased price sensitivity.

“With 90% of retailers saying they still have manual or only semi-automated processes for pricing, promotion, and markdown, fast-changing shopper and market conditions increase the urgency to adopt science-based optimization tools,” said Cheryl Sullivan, president of DemandTec, an Acoustic company. “The survey found that 60% of retailers are focused on putting AI-powered pricing in place, and we at DemandTec continue to invest and scale to provide them with leading automation and optimization, productized KVI capabilities, and dynamic pricing.”  To learn more about DemandTec, an Acoustic company, visit


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