Headless Content Management

Deliver content across all channels with headless content capabilities.

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Key Capabilities

Customer Success Story

Boosting bookings with personalized vacation suggestions

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Business Challenge

Vivere.travel, a digital destination discovery platform, wanted a way to aggregate, organize and tag a massive amount of visual and non-visual content to enable customers to find exactly what they’re looking for.


With Acoustic Content, Vivere.travel gained a central repository, a “single source of truth,” for all its content for use by any front-end developer working on any channel.


• Intelligent image tagging makes it quicker and easier to find relevant content on many dimensions, including specific locations. • Improved ability to push out personalized content to customers. • A more responsive, personal digital experience to travelers.

“With automated, artificial intelligence for image tagging, Content will enable us to keep expanding our platform without increasing our headcount.”

—  Giacomo Lanza  — Lead Web Developer, Vivere.travel